Vanara- Anand Neelakantan (2018)

Vanara by Anand Neelakantan magnifies the intense love between brothers Baali and Sugreeva, the lesser explored characters of the Ramayana. Growing up in the ashram of Rishi Gautama, they are reminded time and again of the down trodden tribe they belong to, the Vanaras.  The innocence of Sugreeva, his blind and foolish faith on people…

The Hotel At Alandi

I didn’t know how long I had been driving, but guessing from how exhausted and hungry I was, I think it had been over three hours. I was returning from an official trip to Kolhapur. I was slightly on the outskirts of Pune, but wasn’t sure where.  All I knew was that I needed to…


She sits by herself, all alone But she’s there for me when I’m sullen and low I talk endlessly, she listens- patiently She knows when I’m happy, she knows when I’m sad And gives me the feel of a caring hand. When I cry, when I hurt,

LIFE OF PI (2012)

You might think I lost all hope at that point. I did… The boy with the irrational nickname, the boy who had a story to tell, and not just any story- Life Of Pi is the story of a boy open to unlimited possibilities just like the limitless ratio of pi.

My Last Foster Mom – Pablo Pereira (2018)

…the pieces click together..   Cynthia, the protagonist of this novella struggles to make both ends meet. Her only concern is her little 6-year-old daughter Jeanne. For a single mother to bring up a young child without any support is a real challenge. That’s when Mathilde comes into the picture- grumpy, old Mathilde. Her meeting…

Heavy Weather- Ness Lobo (2017)

Poetry comes from the soul and is for the soul. Good poetry reaches out and stirs the still waters of your soul, certainly changing something inside. Heavy Weather by Ness Lobo is a collection of poems on love, betrayal, heartache, unrequited love and longing.

The Gorgeous Dozen – Vivek Aiyyar (2016)

Eleven girls scattered in many places, one milkshake shop, and one confident young girl determined to unite them all – Ricky, a young aspiring writer begins to search for her friends lost through the years of adulthood. On June 16th, twenty years ago, Ricky and her friends swore they would meet again in two decades in…

An Embrace You Can’t Forget

The sky rumbled and the clouds churned. Graying whites and darkening grays, they moved with urgency, steered by the unruly wind. The wind showed his power with every gust, making trees doubt their roots, and dry leaves flit across the air in a frenzy.  The birds flapped their wings with all their might and flew…

Kissed By Joy

I happened to touch Joy today- In my dream or a vision I cannot say   But I felt Joy to its fullest, Unlike anything I’ve experienced   Joy came over me like a wind, Swept me off of my feet in a blink   I feel like a feather lilting across the sky; Catching…


Everything that’s done in love is done well- Vincent Van Gogh There used to be in my garden a bed of Irises Bluish hues they painted random speckles against the green and brown