The thoughts of an October breeze

The midnight sky was a blanket over me. My eyes searched and found only endless space and a scattering of stars adorning that midnight blanket. The cool October breeze graced the night with its gentleness . Long needles of grass swayed in symphony, forming a perfect silhouette against the night. I took a deep breath…

When life gives you wheels, rock n’ roll!

“It is our choices that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities” is a quote by J. K. Rowling that holds so much meaning to me. If you think about it, we are the choices we make every single moment, aren’t we? We may not have much say in choosing what…

Solitary Butterfly

Solitary butterfly flitting by
In the garden, and amongst the trees
Hovering over honey suckles, daisies and lilies she does fly
Solitary butterfly likes to dance with the breeze.

You choose your sky- Aisha Chaudhary’s ‘My Little Epiphanies’

Your sky is where the magic is. While troubles are part of everybody’s life, some of us choose to create beauty through them, Aisha Chaudhary was one of those people.Reading through her poetry and thoughts I was reminded of another bold girl who spoke her heart, Anne Frank. I was introduced to Anne Frank when…

Outside the blue door

Mundane everyday scenes sometimes become a major part of life. What lies beyond this little blue door ?

The Meal

It was almost evening. She was frantically running around the house. There was so much left to do and they would be here any minute now. An aroma of rich spices wafted from the kitchen…

Types Of People During Lockdown

Disclaimer- By reading this post, you are subject to certain risks. Any resemblance you may find to the characters mentioned are intentional, but meant for entertainment purposes only. Tread carefully, you might find your clone 😛