Sanctum Between Pages…

Some books you read, some books you enjoy, but some books just swallow up your heart and soul. Reading has not only been my hobby since as long as I can remember, but books have grown to be my very best friends. What’s more amazing than having so many worlds to explore, so many friends … Continue reading Sanctum Between Pages…



A thing which had been discarded and, instead of having been disposed off with the other useless things, had found refuge in the solitary ward of Number 7. It was the most beautiful thing in the entire asylum, more beautiful than the bed of wild flowers along the wall of the compound. The Umbrella Man … Continue reading THE UMBRELLA MAN- SIDDHARTHA GIGOO (2015)


The cool water foams at my feet Washing the sand back to the sea I look in the distance the giant orange ball sinking Casting a subtly queer glow twilight sets in Not a soul in sight, the solitude is tranquil I watch as another gentle wave embraces the shore . There’s something about it … Continue reading IF ONLY

Let It

Let your thoughts flow Let your wisdom grow Fill in those pages that have been waiting for ages, Pick up that brush, dab it with colour, Paint that blank canvas with all vigour. Let your pen bleed, Never stop those dancing feet. Write it, paint it, sing it, groove to it. Tell your story, let … Continue reading Let It