My Last Foster Mom – Pablo Pereira (2018)

...the pieces click together..   Cynthia, the protagonist of this novella struggles to make both ends meet. Her only concern is her little 6-year-old daughter Jeanne. For a single mother to bring up a young child without any support is a real challenge. That’s when Mathilde comes into the picture- grumpy, old Mathilde. Her meeting … Continue reading My Last Foster Mom – Pablo Pereira (2018)


Heavy Weather- Ness Lobo (2017)

Poetry comes from the soul and is for the soul. Good poetry reaches out and stirs the still waters of your soul, certainly changing something inside. Heavy Weather by Ness Lobo is a collection of poems on love, betrayal, heartache, unrequited love and longing. Most of the poems are short or a couple of stanzas … Continue reading Heavy Weather- Ness Lobo (2017)


Everything that's done in love is done well- Vincent Van Gogh There used to be in my garden a bed of Irises Bluish hues they painted random speckles against the green and brown They stood firm and royal And brought spring alive There wasn't a garden in town like mine so full of life I … Continue reading Irises